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About VATE

The Victorian Association for the Teaching of English is a professional body established to promote the interests of English education and to allow English educators in Victoria to exchange ideas. It brings together teachers in government, Catholic and independent schools, as well as tertiary educators and education students.

Statement of Purpose VATE, Inc.

  1. To support and maintain the quality of the teaching of English in the State of Victoria.
  2. To promote the professional learning of teachers of English.
  3. To initiate and conduct such research and curriculum development projects as are consistent with the above aims.
  4. To publish journals and other materials relevant to the above aims.
  5. To enter into relationships, associations partnerships or arrangements with other persons as defined in the Rules to promote or further the purposes of the Association.
  6. To initiate and support any such other activities which may be helpful to teachers and students of English.

Getting Involved

VATE seeks input from its membership about the work that it can do to support the profession. Many members of VATE take an active role in directing and participating in the organisation. The ways that our members are involved in the organisation include:

  • Membership of committees
  • Membership of Council
  • Presenting workshops at VATE Professional Learning days and conferences
  • Involvement in Student Revision Days
  • Writing for VATE, including regular and occasional publications.

Rules of Association

Our Rules of Association are available as a PDF.

VATE Strategic plan 2016-2018

The VATE Strategic Plan for 2016-2018 can be accessed here.

Annual general meeting reports

The VATE AGM for the 2017 calendar year was held on Wednesday 18 April, 2018. Below are the reports from that meeting:

The VATE AGM for the 2016 year was held on Wednesday 26 April, 2017. Below are the reports from that meeting:

Members' Lounge

If you want to register for an event as a member, don't log in here. Go to the Event Registration page instead. You will be prompted to log in as part of the registration process.