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vce student revision days

As a service to the English teaching community, and to students of English, VATE offers VCE Student Revision Days each year for Units 3 and 4 English, EAL, English Language and Literature.

At these days, VCE students attend sessions presented by experienced teachers to revise for the VCE English, EAL, English Language and Literature exams.

Student Revision Days

Student Revision Days are for students ONLY. Parents and teachers are not permitted to attend unless by prior arrangement.

Our presenters provide ideas on the texts and discussion of essays and examination questions. Students are advised that the aim is not to teach the course or the texts, nor to cover new ground. What the Student Revision Days offer is another teacher's voice on aspects of the course and suggestions about how questions can be tackled in the examination. We hope and expect that this approach will refresh the ideas students have already formed about English/EAL/Literature/English Language, and that the learning they have already undertaken is confirmed.

Students can register online themselves. As these days are heavily booked, and as late applicants often miss out on a place, it is strongly advised that students book in early.

Further information is available on our Student Lectures FAQ page.


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