2021 VATE State Conference – Call for presenters

Conferencing in the time of COVID-19 (2020-2021)

2020 PART 1        Because survival is insufficient. (Station Eleven)

2021 PART 2        Vladimir: To have lived is not enough for them.
                               Estragon: They have to talk about it. (Waiting for Godot)

In 2021, VATE continues our conversation begun in 2020, when we declared that survival is insufficient. We continue the on-line format, and, although in retrospect our question, what do we bring out of COVID-19? seems premature, even naïve, we affirm the need to talk, to evaluate, to reckon, to assess, and thus to heal. Read the full blurb here.

Dates: The conference will be presented online via Zoom and split over half-days on the following days: Day One: Monday 20 September and Tuesday 21 September; Day Two: Thursday 30 September and Friday 1 October.

We invite you to submit an expression of interest to present either a live online session (via Zoom) or a pre-recorded presentation at the 2021 State Conference.
Please note: VATE will provide you with a PPT template and advise you about preferred programs for recording your presentation. In lieu of payment, confirmed presenters will receive registration to one of the conference days.

Submissions close Tuesday 6 July.

Presenter Information (please use a comma to separate entries if there is more than one presenter)

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