2022 Idiom editions

Please find details below about the themes for the 2022 editions of Idiom (Volume 58, Nos 1-3). If you have any queries, please get in touch idiom@vate.org.au. We welcome your interest and contribution.

Idiom No 1

Stepping Up: Being an English leader

The focus of this edition of Idiom is on leadership in English education. Following on from our last edition ‘Starting Out’, focusing on early-career English teachers, we shift our focus in this edition to exploring the experience of stepping up and taking on a leadership role in English education. This could range from managing the team of English teachers in your whole school community, as well as leading a year level or subject specific English teaching team. Stepping into the role of English leader can be both exciting and daunting – knowing that the work and the decisions of the English leader will have an impact on students from Year 7 through to VCE. Of course, the experience of the pandemic over the last two years has presented unique challenges but also opportunities for innovation and accelerated changes in English teaching and learning.

We want to hear from you! If you are, or have been, an English leader, we’re interested in hearing about your lived experience:

  • What do you enjoy about being an English leader?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What do you wish you knew before stepping into your leadership role?
  • What advice would you offer any aspiring English leaders?
  • What initiative/s have you introduced in your role as English leader?

We also want to hear from the wider English teaching community, including pre-service and early career teachers. We invite you to share your thoughts about the ways in which effective leadership supports you as an English teacher. We also invite your practical suggestions and advice for a range of key areas of responsibility for English leaders – download and read the full theme here.

Idiom No 2

'Lost and Found': The lasting legacy of COVID

In this second edition of Idiom, we take a step back and reflect on the significance of the last few years and the lasting impact of the enormous upheaval and change brought about by the pandemic on education, and in particular, on our English students and teachers. What have we learned? What has changed, for better or worse? What have we gained? Are the kids [and the teachers] alright? We would like to hear from a range of different voices on this issue – classroom teachers of English, teacher educators, educational researchers, teachers working in the tutor learning initiative, pre-service English teachers, English educators interstate and overseas. The full description of this edition and call for contributions will be available shortly, and this Idiom will be published in Term 3.

Idiom No 3

New VCE Study Designs: English/EAL and Literature

The third edition of Idiom in 2022 will put the spotlight on the new VCE Study Designs recently published on the VCAA website for English/EAL and Literature. The aim of this edition of Idiom is to provide practical advice and insights for all VCE teachers about how to understand, interpret and successfuly implement the changes to these VCE English studies. We are particularly keen to hear from those educators involved in developing the new Study Designs, as well as VCE teachers adapting their courses to align them with the new Study Designs. A more detailed description of this edition and call for contributions will be available mid-year, and this Idiom will be published in Term 4.