2022 Idiom editions

Please find details below about the theme for the final edition of Idiom in 2022 (Volume 58, No 3). If you have any queries, please get in touch idiom@vate.org.au. We welcome your interest and contribution.

Idiom No 3

New VCE Study Designs: English / EAL and Literature

The third edition of Idiom in 2022 will put the spotlight on the new VCE Study Designs published on the VCAA website for English / EAL and Literature. The aim of this edition of Idiom is to provide practical advice and insights for all VCE teachers about how to understand, interpret and successfuly implement the changes to these VCE English studies. We are particularly keen to hear from those educators involved in developing the new Study Designs, as well as VCE teachers adapting their courses to align them with the new Study Designs. We invite you to share your suggestions and strategies for the following: teaching ideas, classroom activities, lesson plans, assessment tasks, unit outlines, text selection, and exam preparation. We look forward to hearing from you!.

Date for submission

Submissions due Friday 18 November 2022.