The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD, 2011), Victoria describes transition as … “a period of change that can be both challenging and exciting, in which children and families adjust to new roles, identities and expectations, new interactions and new relationships.”

International, national and state based research advises primary and secondary schools to work more closely together in order to provide their students the best possible educational outcomes.

The Department of Education, Western Australia goes further to state that

“… as educators we have a professional responsibility to go beyond the rhetoric of K-12 education and for primary and secondary schools to collaborate more closely than ever before to make the transition smooth for students and their families. … While we may have done a good job in the past there is always room to examine how we could take the best of primary and secondary practice to improve the work of all our schools.” (2013)

The focus of The Best of Both Worlds is on supporting students during the transition phase from primary through to secondary school.During this transition phase, the areas of English and literacy are of the utmost importance to student success, as they progress through secondary school and beyond.

The Best of Both Worlds aims to support teachers to work through an Action Research cycle to define a problem, gather information, analyse the information gathered, develop a plan together, implement the joint plan and then evaluating the plan and then repeating and improving the plan.

This program focuses on working with teachers, to support them in a contextually appropriate way. Our aim is to facilitate teachers working in primary and secondary classrooms to share, trial and consolidate effective strategies to support their students’ literacy learning.

The network provides teachers with a range of support, including professional learning sessions, opportunities to visit and observe in network school classrooms and a range of professional resources.

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