Beyond TEEL – developing readings of texts, and voice in writing

Beyond TEEL – developing readings of texts, and voice in writing

This workshop is divided into three two hour sessions. The first session is devoted to reading.
Reading as an Imaginative Process
In this session, we will suggest that reading is a dynamic, cognitive, emotional and embodied experience that is both social and cultural. We will model strategies you can use to enhance students’ reading comprehension to develop their own internalised and  richer knowledge of the text. We will also offer both strategies and the means you can create your own strategies to enable students to present their reading in their own voice, thus avoiding formulaic repetition. VCE students and teachers have commented on how much students’ readings of text have deepened and become more detailed when they developed their readings of texts through these strategies.
The second session focuses on writing.
The Geography of a paragraph

Have you ever been frustrated by the banality of your students’ writing at Years 11 and 12 and thought it’s too late to change this. This workshop shows you how to  build the fluency of your students in years 7 – 10 so that when they reach their VCE years, and more importantly when they leave school, they can write fluently. That means they don’t start every sentence the same way. Sentences flow into each other and types of sentence are chosen carefully for the genre in which students are writing.  This two hour session focuses on how you build writing in Years 7 – 10 and strengthen it in Years 11 and 12 so that it becomes internalised and focuses not only what students want to say but also to produce writing which is elegant, succinct and fluent.
The final session focuses on the writing of essays
The Essay Pathway
Having visited many schools over the past three years and seen what is happening, I know that the TEEL essay is entrenched in many places. Students have told us that the TEEL process is deadening for them in terms of their thinking. This session offers an alternative which enables the voice of your students to flourish within a well thought through understanding of the essay genre.
All of the speakers in this workshop have participated in the Reading Community of Practice. Teachers will take away a range of resources from each of the sessions which will help them on their return to their schools and will  additionally help weaker students develop their reading comprehension which will help them in the new reading literacy test.

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