As you participated in the VATE Enhancing English Teaching program in 2018, we have some follow-up questions for you. We would like to offer a revised course in 2020 and your input would be invaluable in the development of the program. This survey should take 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

Thank you for participating.

Best wishes Mary Mason

Convenor, Professional Learning and Research


5. The modules you worked on included the following topics. Please comment on the focus of each and the relevance to you.



Thinking about the mode of learning, number which format did you find the most useful for learning and why?



Would it have helped if the course had included the following elements?

Give a rating 1 (most helpful) – 5 (least helpful) reflecting how each element was catered for in 2018.

Give a rating of 1 (most helpful) – 5 (least helpful) as to whether incorporating these elements would improve the effectiveness of the course.


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