Collaborative Research Grant Applications now open

2019 Collaborative Research Grant

VATE is offering its annual collaborative research grant for up to $5,000 to enable researchers and teachers to work together to conduct collaborative inquiries into significant contemporary issues related to teaching and learning in secondary school English.


  • To contribute to the development of insight into students’ learning in English;
  • To promote research collaborations between teachers and researchers;
  • To enhance the quality of English teaching through professional learning and research connections;
  • To promote and disseminate research related to the teaching of English in contemporary educational contexts.


The inquiry will take place during the year and will culminate in a presentation at the VATE or AATE Conference and with a paper ready to be considered for publication in English in Australia or another peer reviewed journal.

Funding can be used for research assistance, travel and accommodation, CRT coverage, transcription services and to facilitate meetings. Funds cannot be used for equipment or conference attendance.The successful applicants will enter into a funding agreement with VATE.

Applications addressing the selection criteria and using the attached template must be submitted to VATE by May 31, 2019.

If you have an idea for a research project but do not have any contacts in a school or research setting, you can contact Hugh at for some assistance.