Council and Committees

In order to serve its membership, VATE is composed of a Council of up to 10 voluntary individual members from the English teaching community. The elected Council then elect the President, Vice-President, Council Secretary, Treasurer and AATE delegate. The Executive Education Officer attends ex-officio. Council is elected every two years before the AGM in May. Where possible, Council should reflect the wider membership in terms of teaching experience, teaching sector, age, gender, metro/regional/rural, etc

Meetings are generally held at the VATE office unless otherwise notified via the member e:Bulletin. The meetings are open to all VATE members. In fulfilling its role, Council oversees the financial management of the association; employs and oversees the work of the VATE office; responds to and generates business for committees and working parties; oversees the broad directions and delivery of the annual VATE PD program; reviews, evaluates and plans the work of the association. VATE Council also engages in advocacy and responds to policy issues which affect the teaching and learning of English. In 2021 the VATE Committees are: Curriculum Committee; Finance and Risk Committee; Professional Learning and Research Committee; Publications and Communications Committee.VATE Working Parties include: VCE English Exam; State Conference Program. Please contact if you are interested in joining any of these committees or working parties.

VATE COUNCIL 2021-2023

Alex Bacalja (AATE delegate), Jan Bailey, Emily Frawley (President), Kate Gillespie (ex-officio Secretary), Terry Hayes (Vice President), Ross Huggard (Treasurer), Amanda McGraw, Lucinda McKnight, Jo O'Mara, Suzanne Toniolo.

VATE Council

Alex Bacalja
Alex Bacalja
AATE delegate
Jan Bailey
Kate Gillespie
Terry Hayes
Terry Hayes
Vice President
Ross Huggard
Ross Huggard
Amanda McGraw
Jo O'Mara
Suzanne Toniolo