Research and Discussion papers

VATE offers an annual collaborative research grant for up to $5,000 to enable researchers and teachers to work together to conduct collaborative inquiries into significant contemporary issues related to teaching and learning in secondary school English. Read more  

Research grant

Teaching writing today: A collaborative study
Researchers: Associate Professor Joanne O'Mara, Deakin University and Polly Poon, English teacher at Lyndale Secondary College.

This project has two distinct parts: an initial survey and school-based projects on developing a culture of reading. The survey will collect data on the ways in which English teachers perceive that the NAPLAN testing cycle may be impacting on the enactment of the Years 7-9 English curriculum in their schools. This project will provide information about the state of reading for pleasure in schools, and about the ways in which NAPLAN is impacting on English teaching and learning. It will also provide a set of teacher-led and written case studies that document the journey of creating a culture of reading in different school environments.

Previous recipients

Teaching writing today: A collaborative study (2018)
Researchers: Lucinda McKnight, Deakin University; Helen Billett, Woodleigh School; Mandy Goff, Tallangatta Secondary College; Andrea Hayes, Brighton Grammar; Tim Mannix, Brentwood Secondary College; Julian Sefton-Green, Deakin University (Project Mentor) - read the study here.

Video games in the English classroom (2018)
Researchers: Lead teacher, Nicole Jasinowicz, Wodonga Senior Secondary College, and Alex Bacalja, University of Melbourne.

In 2018, VATE Council also funded a project with MGSE to research text trends in the senior English curriculum. The report, co-authored by Alex Bacalja and Lauren Bliss, can be found here.