2020 Online VCE student revision lectures

With the support of the Department of Education and Training, VATE has developed a suite of online lectures to help students revise for the VCE English, EAL, English Language and Literature exams. These online recordings offer students the opportunity to hear and learn from experienced VCE teachers and examiners who provide insights into key aspects of the exams for each of the VCE English Studies. These online lectures can be accessed on any computer and mobile device for extra revision as a whole class or for students to revise in their own time. Access to these lectures is unlimited and available until the end of this year.

School Orders

VATE’s VCE online revision lectures have been priced to support schools and students in these challenging times. If your school faces financial barriers that make purchasing this resource for your students difficult, please email Kate Gillespie to discuss options eeo@vate.org.au

Make your selection on the relevant application form which will be sent to members and available on the VATE website. Complete all details, including payment method, and send to events@vate.org.au – details will be sent directly to those teachers listed to distribute to their classes.

Please view the flyer for further information on the available lectures.

Individual Student Orders

VATE's Online Revision Lectures are now available to individual students to purchase for their personal use at home in order to revise and prepare for end-of-year examinations. For those schools that did not purchase the VCE Revision Lectures, we have now made the lectures available for individual student purchase – please forward this information on to interested students. For students orders, please download this flyer for all details about available lectures and pricing. Please note that prices are per student. Students will need to complete this application form and send to events@vate.org.au. Confirmation of order and information will be emailed to the individual student's nominated email address – a reminder to check spam/junk folders if this does not arrive in your inbox.