Connecting Learning to Work

As part of their VCE studies, Victorian students are required to complete an English subject.  For many students, the connection between studying English, English Language or Literature and the practical applications of the English knowledge and skills in the workforce can sometimes not be immediately discernible.

VATE’s involvement in the Connecting Learning to Work project was to highlight how the English skills, knowledge and capabilities that students develop through their subject English studies are applicable in the workforce.  The video profiles a range of people who explain how they use the skills and knowledge they acquired through the study of English in their day-to-day professional lives, as well as reflect on the ways English has helped them to be competent contributors to their relevant fields.

Produced by Studio Cahoots and On Jackson Street, with funding provided by the Victorian Department of Education and Training, the video features commentary and reflections from Demet Divaroren, Matthew Jenkins, Emilija Savic, Achol Arok, and Nevo Zisin.  VATE appreciates their contributions and insights into the value of subject English and its applications for the workplace.