2022 Online VCE Student Revision Lectures

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Individuals wishing to purchase Online Student Revision Lectures can do so through this form.

VATE has developed a suite of online lectures to help students revise for the VCE English, EAL, English Language and Literature exams. These online recordings offer students the opportunity to hear and learn from experienced VCE teachers and examiners who provide insights into key aspects of the exams for each of the VCE English Studies. These online lectures can be accessed on any computer and mobile device providing useful extra revision for students. Access to these lectures is unlimited and available until the commencement of exams for each VCE English study.

For more information please view the flyer for the Online Student Revision Lectures.

Please contact Kieran May if you experience any issue in this process or contact the VATE office on (03) 9411-8500 between 9am - 5pm from Mondays to Thursdays.

Please note: If your school faces financial barriers that make purchasing this resource for your students difficult, please contact Kate Gillespie to discuss options.

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Organisations (VATE Members and Non-Members): Purchasing these lectures buys you the right to access materials for VCE English teachers within your school to use with their VCE students. The links and passwords can be shared with VCE students within your school. VCE Students can use/view the links in their own time however students need to be aware that sharing any material infringes copyright.

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