VATE endeavours to provide access to high-quality workshops, seminars and planning sessions for all teachers of English in Victoria. Due to budget, geographical location or scheduling, some schools find it difficult to send multiple staff members to VATE events.

VATE consultancy matches the expertise of its network of experienced teachers, assessors and academics to schools’ specific professional learning needs, bringing the professional learning to you without the complications and costs of travel or sourcing relief teachers. You can select from the options provided, or design your own custom professional learning session.

VATE Consultancy Fees (prices are ex-GST)

Session Fees

VATE Organisational member


 1 ½ hours



 2 hours


 2 ½ hours $800  

 3 hours



 4 hours


 6 hours $1475

Other Fees

Travel, Meals, Accommodation: Where a presenter from your area is not available, we may need to include the costs of travel, meals and overnight accommodation in order for a presenter to visit your location. We use the 2021-22 ATO Reasonable Allowance figures.

Session style and numbers: Depending on the format and number of attendees, VATE reserves the right to negotiate fees.

To have the best chance of booking your request, please aim to provide VATE with at least 6 weeks’ notice prior to the intended consultancy date.

Please complete our online booking request form. If you would like to discuss any particulars of the consultancy service and your proposed session, please contact the Education Officer at or on 03 9411 8500.

Interested in being a consultant for VATE? Please complete our Expression of Interest form.