2022 VATE State Conference



‘It's (our) time’

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the election of the Whitlam Labor Government. The title of our conference is a riff on Whitlam’s campaign theme, ‘It’s time’, probably the most famous political slogan in Australian history. The Whitlam Government had a profound effect on the fabric of Australia’s educational, cultural, social and political life. Much of what we take for granted as components of Australian society had their beginnings in programs Whitlam initiated.

One of Whitlam’s favourite phrases was ‘contemporary relevance, comrade’. Contemporary relevance, for him, was the touchstone for any worthwhile change, a touchstone which has guided many of VATE’s policies and programs. Worthwhile change, the transformation from seeming outrageous to just the way things are, does take many years, is always a work in progress, even ‘fifty years on’. VATE 2022 invites us to seize Whitlam’s vision, and to continue to be creative, inquisitive, inclusive, resilient and optimistic as we strive to develop these qualities in our students. We need to re-imagine and forge the future out of what has gone before, as Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly’s emblematic anthem, ‘From little things big things grow’, tells us.

You can read the full conference program here.

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Please note: If your school faces financial barriers that make purchasing this resource for your students difficult, please contact Kate Gillespie to discuss options.

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