A Story in Miniature - Teaching and Learning Package


To complement the 2022 A Story in Miniature writing competition, our teaching and learning package features Australian flash-fiction and short story writers Angela Meyer, Paul Connolly and Adam Thompson. The activities in the package have been designed around the four sections of the writing process:

  • Part One: The Ideas - 'The Dreaming Part'
  • Part Two: The Writing - 'The Making Part'
  • Part Three: The Hurdles - 'The Hard Part'
  • Part Four: The Review - 'The Organising Part'


Each section features video interviews with the writers sharing their insights into constructing short stories and tips for writing within a concise word limit. They unpack the competition theme to give students some inspiration for getting started with their writing and also answer the following questions:

  • Where do you find inspiration for story writing?
  • How do you plan for, and stick to, a small word limit?
  • What kind of clues do you have to leave the reader in a short story?
  • How can a young writer develop an authentic voice?
  • What makes a character interesting and how do you juggle a cast of characters?
  • What is the difference between showing and telling in my work?
  • What is important to look for when polishing a final draft for submission?

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