Volume 58, Number 03, 2022


New VCE Study Designs: English/EAL and Literature

In farewelling the VCE Class of 2022, we are also archiving elements of the VCE English studies and starting to usher in changes to the VCE English, EAL and Literature courses. In 2023, the new Units 1 and 2 English and EAL courses will commence, to be followed by Units 3 and 4 in 2024. For Literature students and teachers, the full Units 1–4 of the new VCE course will be implemented from the start of next year. ‘It’s time', to echo the theme of the recent VATE State Conference, for change!

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Volume 58, number 03, 2022

New VCE Study Designs: English/EAL and Literature

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