Volume 59, Number 03, 2023


The English Teacher as Researcher

This edition of Idiom focuses on an important aspect of the work of English educators, the English teacher as researcher. Individual teachers may undertake a practitioner inquiry inspired by a need they’ve identified or an issue observed in their English classroom or curriculum. Other teachers engage in research in a more collaborative way, as part of a community of English educators, reflecting on their practice, sharing their stories, and learning from each others’ experiences to improve the teaching and learning of English in their context.

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Volume 59, number 03, 2023

The English Teacher as Researcher

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What is Idiom?

Idiom is the journal of the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English and is published online two times a year. Idiom provides an important space for members of the VATE community to share insights, expertise, experiences and practical advice for the benefit of our English teaching colleagues and to help foster professional dialogue and development. Contributions and editorial correspondence should be sent to the Managing Editor, Josephine Smith:

Idiom in 2024

No 1: 'The sustainability of the English teaching profession/al'
Prompted by the VATE research project ‘The sustainability of the English teaching profession/al’, this Idiom presents the stories and experiences of English teachers who have stayed in the profession, those who are on the edge, and those who have left. Read more.

No 2: 'Tales from Beyond Suburbia'
The second edition of Idiom for 2024 aims to highlight and amplify the voices and experiences of Victorian English teachers and students working and living in rural and regional areas of the state. Read more and share with others.

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