2024 VATE Member Text Survey

21 May 2024

Each year VATE asks members to share the texts that they have chosen to teach in their Years 7-11 English, EAL and Literature courses. The list of texts is published for the benefit of VATE members, supporting the discussion in schools around text selection and highlighting the range and diversity of textual forms for study in English classrooms. We encourage you to list all texts, including multimodal and non-fiction texts. For anthologies (eg. short stories or poems), please list both the selected texts for study as well as the collection title. In this year’s survey, we also invite you to respond to questions about the new VCE Unit 3 English Area of Study 2 Creating texts. The findings of the 2024 VATE member text survey will be made available in Term 3 and also archived for future reference on the VATE website in member Resources.

Please complete the survey by Tuesday 11 June 2024. Please note that while we collect your details, these will not be published in the survey. If you have any queries about the 2024 VATE Member Text Survey, please email Josephine publications@vate.org.au.

Thank you for your responses. The 2024 VATE Member Text Survey will be published soon.