Meet the Assessors recordings

06 Mar 2019


Recordings and PDFs of the 2019 MTA presentations are now available to purchase for English, EAL, English Language and Literature. When you purchase access to a 2019 MTA presentation, you are also able to view the corresponding 2018 MTA presentation.

Cost: Metropolitan teachers - $44.00. Rural teachers - $22.00.

For all information and to purchase access to the 2019 MTA presentations, please click here.

NB: Please note that all delegates who registered for the 2019 Meet the Asssessors and the 2019 VCE Englishes Days were emailed this week with details about accessing any available resources and recordings from these events. Presenters' notes from the VCE Englishes Days will continue to be added as they become available so delegates are encouraged to keep checking for any updated material.