VATE publications

VATE publishes a number of print and digital resources to support the teaching of secondary English studies throughout the school year.

VATE bookshop during Stage 4 restrictions: Until further notice, the VATE bookshop in Collingwood is closed. You can continue to purchase instant downloads (PDFs) of VATE publications in the VATE online bookshop or email your order and payment details to

Into the Woods: Finding your way through literary theory (epub) is VATE’s new publication and your essential guide to using literary theory in your classroom. This textbook is intended to empower teachers and students to approach texts in different ways in the classroom. Theories include: reader-response, ecological, feminist, queer, Marxist, and postcolonial. Featuring classroom activities, glossaries, and further reading. Download contents. Written by Sian Evans (Christ’s College NZ) and edited by Briony Schroor (Nossal High School). The Into the Woods eBook $49.95 (134 pages) is now available to purchase as a downloadable PDF in the VATE online bookshop. Print version will be available later in 2020.

Idiom: There are three online editions of the journal Idiom each year. All VATE members have access to every online edition of Idiom and an archive of every back issue of Idiom is available in the library at the VATE Office. Contributions and editorial correspondence should be sent to the Managing Editor of Idiom, Josephine Smith:

VATE publications: To support the teaching of VCE English/EAL, VATE produces Inside Stories for all new List 1 texts, and Inside Texts for the List 2 comparative pairs of texts. To support the teaching of VCE Literature, VATE produces Literature Perspectives guides on all the new texts each year. VATE's publication Inside Language supports the teaching of VCE Units 1-4 English Language. VATE publications are available to purchase as print or PDF - please check order forms for available options.

VATE exams: VATE publishes sample examination papers for VCE English, English as an Additional Language, Literature and English Language each year. These are available for purchase by schools to assist Year 12 students in preparing for the end-of-year examinations.


VATE has published a modified sample exam in 2020 for VCE Unit 3 English (Sections A and C). You can continue to order the Unit 3 English exam throughout 2020: 2020 Unit 3 sample exam order form (PDF). 2020 Unit 3 sample exam order form (Word).

VATE will also publish VCE Units 3-4 sample exams for English, EAL, English Language and Literature. Please see below amended dates for availability: 2020 Units 3-4 sample exam order form (PDF). 2020 Units 3-4 sample exam order form (Word).